Information going on for SSI Checks for IEP children?

My daughter is 17, People have told me for years that I could be getting a check for her, she is educable mentally disabled her IQ is 70,she tries hard and I never tried to get a check because I feel it would lower her self esteem..However at this point , her holding down a job cant happen and I am wondering if I could get her a check? Thanks
Please drop by this link…
It is to social security's fact sheet about children beside disabilities. The fact sheet answers frequently asked questions about applying for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) child disability benefits. It includes the definition of disability for children underneath age 18, information about the SSI program, and other important information about state and local medical assistance.

From my personal experience, if she meet the requirements for their definition of disabilty does not mean she will be approved, it depends not only on her disability (ies) but also your family size, assets and income. If she is approved she may receive full SSI or partial again depending on income, loved ones size and assets. Each year the amount per month increases according to the % of increase in living costs. If you decide to apply I also suggest filling out the Child Disability Report online (… ), this will let go you from having to do it during the interview process, it does take about 2 hrs any way, but if you choose to do it online they will give you a number that you would give to whoever does your interview and it also allows you to permeate out the report at your own pace, so if you can only do part of it you come support and enter in your number and you continue where you disappeared off. If you do that ahead of time it will same you that time during the interview process. On the child disability report page they have the 800 number to the national office so you can telephone to set up an appointment, link to the local security offices to set up an appointment, and other option to do the child disability report if you do not want to do it online.
After your interview if they feel she may be eligible they will send you a package requesting documentation supporting her disability(ies) and other things (you'll find the info they request beneath Checklist on the link I left that you'll send to them and the info they request for the Child Disability Report so you'll hold it all ready ahead of time), so be sure you have documentation of everything relating to her disabilty(ies). Yes it is true as the other human being mentioned, if you are approved they back pay you from the date you applied to the day she be approved, they did with my son.
yes you can.i have a 5 year old.he have autism spectrum disorder.
i'm trying to get him on disability.he was approved,but i have to procure a ssi lawyer cause now i hold to appeal his case.i missed his appointment with ssi.and thats what i have to do.but yes your daughter can apply for disability.i'm on it and i'm 33 years aged.been on it for 12 years,bad back and i enjoy mood swings.GO AHEAD GET HER ON TELL HER NOT TO BE's be on that.i'm not ashamed.hey people i know that only knew a year or two.reflect i i understand if she feels weird,but noone have to know.and if she did get can have direct deposit,instead of going to a teller and currency a deposit is the way to go...hoped my answer helped for a time.. Source(s): GO FOR IT!if she has to wait a few months.thats ok..the longer the better in the running out..friends of mine said they pay you that back money from when you apply..

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