Is here any cooperation between dyslexia and lying?

Answers:    If there is this is new to me. My daughter and I enjoy dyslexia and we don't lie.
My son would use ways of covering up his learning difficulties formerly he was diagnosed as dyslexic. I think to give the name this lying would be unkind as he thought he was stupid as he could not read, write and learn his table like his classmates. For example he would pretend he could do his tables by totalling the numbers up in his head as he recite the tables.

This ceased when he be diagnosed and understood why he had difficulties and near the correct help he caught up next to his classmates.

In all other matters he be always and still is as an adult totally honest.
Not specifically that I know of, but the frustration of trying to function with a learning disability (especially if the correct treatment isn't available or simply isn't given) can front to other maladaptive behaviors such as lying.
No. DYslexia is a reading disorder.

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