What is a 3.4 GPA in percent? (i.e like around 80%?)?

If 4.0 = 100
then 3.4 = 85
3.0 would be 80% 3.4 should be about 84%.
3.4/4.0=0.85 which is 85%
85 percent
That is 85%.

I find it kind of funny for someone to have a 3.4 GPA but not know how to calculate percentages.
Take 3.4 and divide it by 4, that equals 0.85.
0.85 times 100 = 85%.
That would be about 85% but remember that GPA is so not a good grading system... at least not to me
there is no props for people like me when i got a 95 or 100... we get shuck with the same 4 as some who got 90 and we worker harder.
To find any percentage, divide the part by the total.
So in you case, 3.4 divided by 4.0.
Altho so GPAs go up to 4.33.

This is not related to your class percentile. A GPA of 3.6 is 90%, however, that does not mean you are in the top 10% of your class. Your class percentile depends on the size of the class and GPAs of your fellow students.

By the way, you should know this already, if you are smart enuf to have a 3.4.
It's not a % per se, (as the problem stated above re: someone scoring 90 AND 100 both getting a "A"). Also, as an A represents 4, A-: 3.7, B+: 3.3, B: 3, etc and these numbers are not equidistant from one another, you certainly can't extrapolate an accurate % from your GPA. You can't even get an accurate "average grade" from your GPA for the same reason. Also, every teacher/professor has a different grading scale--one's 80 might be a B-, whereas someone else might score it as a B or even higher if it's on a curve!

Also--is an "A" in an easy class better than a "B" in an advanced class? Does that make one smarter because their GPA says so?

That being said--you're slightly better than a B+ student. One more thing--worry less about the numbers and get the best education...

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