What tests do I need to take in order to apply to UCLA?

Question:I went to the site and found that I need two different versions of the SAT. However, where I live, all they really focus on is the ACT so I really didn't understand or have a clue what to do with that information. I read that UCLA will accept the ACT, but I'm not clear weather or not I should have other tests with it or if the ACT will be enough. Also, I read that California colleges accept superscores on the SAT, but I was wondering if they do the same for the ACT.

UCLA will accept the ACT Assessment plus the ACT Writing Test (taken together at the same time; test scores from multiple sittings cannot be combined) AND two SAT Subject Tests in two different subject areas: English (literature), history/social studies, mathematics (Level 2 only), science, languages (other than English).

UCLA does not accept "superscore" for standardized tests.
well i dont know about the ACT, but many high school students needed to take the SAT that has three sections, writing(30min), critical reading, and Math. its out of 2400 points. But also you will need to take an SAT II subject test need al least two, you can choose any type of test such as english, biology, chemistry, math level 1, math level 2, and more.
Here is a link about most everything you will need to know on admissions policies at UCLA...


Specifically, though, this is the information you are looking for:

including the required SAT Subject Tests, the ACT plus Writing or SAT Reasoning, and any Advanced Placement or IBHL examinations the applicant may have taken. Applicants who have not had the opportunity to take Advanced Placement or IBHL courses or who have chosen not to take the examinations for these courses will not be disadvantaged. Test scores will be evaluated in the context of all other academic information in the application and preference will be given to tests that show a demonstrable relationship to curriculum and to Academic Senate statements of competencies expected of entering college students. Under no circumstances does UCLA employ minimum scores or “cut-offs” of any kind.

Hope this helps! ;-)
Okay, so for you, what you need to take is the ACT plus Writing (which I'm sure you've already taken) and 2 SAT Subject Tests. Subject Tests are tests in one specific area (for example: Chemistry, Literature, Spanish, etc.) that are designed "to gauge how much you have mastered the material". UCLA requires that you take 2 of these tests along with the ACT plus Writing. If you have taken any AP classes in the subjects offered by the College Board for SAT Subject Tests, you will most likely do the best in those. For example, if you have just taken AP Chemistry, you can expect a score of 750+. Unless you live in California, admission to UCLA will ultimately depend on having a composite ACT score of above 29 and SAT Subject Test scores of 670+. Now there is no cutoff scores, but because out of state admission to UCLA is VERY competitive, this raises the test score bar quite a bit. But try to take SAT Subject Tests as soon as possible (I believe the next testing date is October?)

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