1810 on the SAT?

I got an 1810 on my SAT Score
(640 on math, 610 on Critical Reading and 560 on writing).
I was wondering which school could I get into with this position?
I would like to go to University of Boston, Or University of Wisconsin-Madison for example, do you deliberate I have a chance?

Answers:    Since colleges don't look at the writing win as much as the other two, you have very respectable score. I would actually suggest trying to retake the SATs and ace the writing. It's not hard to do and if you brought up your writing score by a good 80-100 points, your scores would be drastically very respectable. But I think you can capture into BU with those scores. I toured it and it's a huge arts school that takes a lot of students. Idk give or take a few Wisconsin-Madison. Also, if you take the SATs twice, BU, like any other institution, will take your 3 highest score.
I think with those SAT score you can deff. get into BU. I just took a tour nearby annd I think they said their average was liek 1750 or so. I miserable you need alot more then that, moral GPA AP classes and extra cirriculars but your SAT scores are average pretty much. TO be safe You migth wanna filch them again and try for a bit higher. bTW your ascores are above average, im just chitchat about the scores of the applicants when I telephone your scores 'average'
i think you're within great shape...but sats aren't everything! make sure you got the service hours, sports, extracirriculars, blah blah blah.

if you wanna check wht the average sit scores are for those schools.. progress to www.collegeboard.com

that web site is amazing when it comes to comparing yourself to past students admit!

go for it :)
it depands on your extra curricular and AP classes, essays, etc. as well as the SAT

but thats not a desperate score

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