Is a 1110 on the SAT's bad?

Not necessarily. Assuming that your score takes into account only the math and reading sections (old SAT), it is just above average. The average SAT score for 2006 college bound seniors was 518 math + 503 reading = 1021 total. If that is your total score from the new SAT (math, reading, and writing), that would be below average (1021 + 497 writing = 1518 total).

However, how good you measure a SAT score depends on what kind of college you hope to get into. A 1110 is not acceptable for a top tier university. A 1110 would not help you get into a selective public university. But a 1110 would get you into a less selective public or private university. It all depends what you're aiming for.

If you are aiming for a top tier university, don't despair. You might have had a bad test day that time, or it might have been the first time you took the SAT. It is definitely possible to improve your SAT score, so hopefully you can take practice tests and work on your test taking during the summer.
A 1110 on the new SAT is a little low. The average SAT score is about a 1500.
The best possible score on the SAT is 2400. The average SAT score is about 1540. So, a score of 1110 is below average. :( If you can't study and retest, you will want to work extra hard on your admission essay and applications.

Here are some rough, unofficial estimates of the average SAT score at various schools. (The numbers change each year.)

Harvard - 2200
Williams - 2125
University of Virginia - 2000
UCLA - 1900
Iowa State - 1825
Ohio State - 1800
DePaul - 1750
Arizona - 1700
Indiana University- 1650
A score of 1110 on the SAT is a fairly low score. If your score was three or fewer digits, then I would worry! However, you should just keep taking the SAT and keep studying until you get a score pleasing to you. When you receive your results it shows you where you have ranked and should explain how restrictive a college you could get into with your scores. Remember that the maximum score on the new SAT is 2400, and unless you get pretty darn close to that, you won't be going to an Ivy League school, even if your GPA is amazing. ACT and/or SAT scores are a vital part of college acceptance. Good luck/God bless, whichever you prefer, and I hope this helps! ;-)

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