On SAT's, what is the deduction for a blank answer, and the deduction for a wrong answer?

It depends on what section you're talking about. Visit the site below to see the various penalties according to the collegeboard, the guys that are basically in charge of the SATs.

If you're talking about the regular SATs though, in general its +1 for getting it right, -0.25 for getting it wrong, and 0 for omitting (as can be seen from the link).

For the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I), each correct answer is +1 point, each answer left blank is 0, and each incorrect answer is -0.25 (to eliminate lucky guesses and penalize wrong guessing).

However, in one of the Math sections (where you have to write the answers and bubble in the corresponding circles of the answer), there are no deductions for wrong answers/guesses.

For the SAT Subject Tests (SAT II), the penalty for an incorrect answer varies from -0.33 (ex: Spanish SAT Subject Test) to -0.25 (ex: Chemistry SAT Subject Test).
In all the sections, there is NO deduction for a blank answer.

In all the sections except the Math Student Generated Response section, the deduction for a wrong answer is -0.25 points. That's a fourth of a point.

In the Student Generated Response section, there is NO deduction for a wrong answer.

Good luck!

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