How terrible is a 1300 on the SAT?

Question:Critical Reading 460
Math 370
Writing 470

That is the breakdown of my score.

Well, honestly, you got 54%. Think about that on a regular test score. That would mean that you failed. But it really does depend on the college you want to get into and your other achievements such as GPA and extracurricular activities and strength of courses.
Ask what the standards are from the university your interested in
it is not good at all. that is a terrible score, sry. retake the test and take a prep class it will help.
It's not very good. Average is about 500 in each section, so you are kind of under. However, if you have desires of only going to a community college, these scores will suffice. On the other hand, if you want to go to a good state school or something more prestigious, you'll definitely have to increase your scores. I would recommend buying some test prep books and going through them.
fairly okay but may i suggest you take the test again
It depends where you want to go to school and how your grades are. You can probably go to a community college. There are also some schools that do not require you to submit SAT scores, so if you are otherwise a good student and well-rounded, you can get around your poor SAT scores.

As people have already pointed out, these scores are all below average. If you really want to bring up your scores you could take a course at your local community college in writing or math, that would help to bring up your math and writing scores.

I would not recommend taking an SAT prep course, they tend to be very expensive and independent research firms have found that they result in little increases in scores.
It's not that great, but you can certainly improve the score! When I first took the SAT, my score was low in the mid 1700s but then I got the sat guide from guideparadise: and my score went up to 2190 (800 math, 760 writing, 630 reading). I highly recommend this guide for anyone wishing to get a higher SAT score.

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