What's a good SAT or ACT score for a 7th grader?

Question:Ok yeah, 7th graders aren't supposed to be taking these tests but my younger sister is for a summer camp she goes to, and she thinks she's stupid because she got an 1810 on the SAT. In the 7th grade, I got a 1920 and she's comparing herself. So I was going to show her this question to tell her just how good of a score she got for her age...so what really is a good score for a 7th grader? I was thinking maybe a 1500.

I just graduated from high school and the SAT score I submitted to my colleges was a 2060, so that's actually pretty incredible. I also took them in 7th and 8th grades, and in 7th grade I probably got around a 950 and in 8th grade about a 1000 (this was when the old SATS were used). I think back then I was about in the middle of my friends who took it, so you could use that, I suppose.
Are you freaking kidding me? OHMYJESUS. Lol. Those are pretty darn good scores for a 7th grader. You think an average score for a 7th grader is 1500. Heck. That's the average score for a high school student.

So, this is for the seventh grader, don't compare yourself to your sister. You got an 1810 and a 31.. well you might feel stupid compared to her, but now you have got upperclassmen in high school feeling stupid compared to you. Haha.
An 1810 is definitely a good score for a 7th grader. I know people in my grade who can't score that high. She shouldn't consider herself stupid. Just tell her that she scored higher than some high schoolers.
When I was in 7th grade I got 1100 (back then it was out of 1600) and that was considered a very good score, I got this award for it and everything lol and last year in 11th grade I got 1820 out of 2400 so she's doing pretty well.
Um...that's wrong wrong wrong!

Enjoy life for pete's sake!! Take a walk on the beach...help out an elderly person...hug your little sibling...tell a clean joke...volunteer someplace...play tag...idk...just do something other than sit around and worry about grades...as a 7th grader.geez...this makes me feel stupid and I know I'm smart and got a very good SAT score.

As for your sis, tell her she should be very proud of her score
and that she should not measure herself up to anyone. And tell her to relax...and as her sibling you can best help her by relaxing too...I know my good grades have stressed my sister out and I don't like it...I personally think the best way to help her relax would have been to fail a test...but I'm not that desperate. :D

P.S. I just had to add reading a book for fun...;D
Wow, i have a feeling that the addition will be that you got a 155 IQ and she has a 145. I mean when i was in the 7th grade a had a 1420 and a 24. But they changed the sat scale so those are some damn good scores. Those scores as a 7th grader are better than A LOT of past seniors and classmates i know. Tell her that she is not stupid, as intelligent as she is now you both will learn more by age.
i don't know the grading of the SAT's, but i personally think that 1800 is a good score for a 7th grader, considering they've not reached high school yet. although i just finished my junior year, i took my ACT in April and got a 20, so keep encouraging your sister. 31 is an almost perfect score! maybe she plans to take AP classes in high school??
My daughter (7th grader) took the SAT's this year. Advised by her school to take it. She scored a 1800 .Straight A student. I think you should let your sister know that is a great score for a 7th grader. Tell her to keep up the good work and not worry about her score now. A few years down the road and high school classes will help her improve her score and she won't be so scared to take the SAT when she a junior or senior.

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