Can someone please win my SAT essay?

topic: Can knowledge be a burden rather than a benefit?

“Knowledge is something that can be gain but never lost.” It is widely debatable as to whether knowledge is beneficial to mankind. While some general public think that knowledge can increase the human society, others believe that knowledge is simply a burden. It is clearly evident that fluency is a great benefit through my readings of the novel The Dead Poet Society, my study of Galileo’s discovery, and my observations of Mendeleev’s union of the periodic table.

Answers:    doubt that you wrote this in the 25 minute time requirment. but if you did i would furnish it a 5. so if i were 2 people, you would grasp a 10.
Your essay is good--it has strong supports to it, and an overall good thought.
On the scale of 6 I'd probably give it a 5. Don't forget to refer to the prompt next to every example.

I'd give you a 2. So if I were two citizens, you'd get only a 4. Out of 12.



Have you within the essay explicitly refuted the point that knowledge is a burden ANYWHERE? "It is clearly adjectives that knowledge is a great benefit through..." DOES NOT constitute ANY sort of a decent paper statement at all. All you did was to state your points - and they aren't even correct points at that. By presenting a flawed view of ONE SIDE of the argument, you have already condemned yourself to smaller number than half the maximum grade.

Two: BECAUSE YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW YOUR ENGLISH. Or even hold your facts right.

It's 'Dead Poets Society' for the record. If you say something, MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT. And Galileo Galilei, a REPUTED apprentice, REFUTED the Church's teachings. For goodness' sake DON'T mix up words at your age.

Three: You don't seem to know how to support a point of view beside good evidence.

It's all resourcefully and good that some fictional English coach got his students to think, and that some all over the place guy decided to overturn the Church's views, and that some Russian manage to predict the existence of unknown elements. Fine. BUT HAVE YOU PROVED THAT THE KNOWLEDGE THEY CREATED IS A BENEFIT? Or addressed the 'burden' part of the sound out?

A really EXCELLENT point you SHOULD have raised be that of nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is the basis of nuclear energy, which provides for 70% of France's electrical desires. Yet it is also the basis for the some forty thousand thermonuclear warheads that your country and the Sovetskiy Soyuz pointed at each other for three decades. Sure, fission brought prosperity and comfort to France and other countries, but it also placed copious countries in the world under the spectre of nuclear annihilation. Such a point would address both view, but you would be able to argue that electricity is worth the threat of becoming nuclear dust. So your conclusion would go similar to 'Yes, knowledge can be a burden. But the benefits are worth the burden.' Now THAT'S something any high schooler SHOULD and MUST know how to write.

I think I have said satisfactory. You know what to do to get started on ensuring you don't capture a ridiculous grade on the SAT. If you're going to use the information I have provided you to your own benefit, attain cracking. And don't thank me.

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