Whats the difference between ACT & ACT Plus Writing?

I did not take my ACT in junior year.
This year i want to take it surrounded by october and its telling me if i want...

Soo whats this? What one should i choose?
ACT PLUS WRITING is sort of self-explanatory: it also have an essay added onto the end. If you are short in good time, you should select the ACT PLUS WRITING option, as that will work for all colleges. If you have time, I'd recommend taking a look at the colleges you will be applying to. Some require you to thieve the writing portion, others do not require it.
ACT Essay is a pretty straightforward question. It is usually a social issue concerning high school students. An example would be: should dress codes be required within public schools? Your response must be a well-structured argument supporting a definite point of view. There are some guidelines to writing this, which the chalk up of your essay is based on:

* clearly stated thesis
* focus (few digressions or redundancies)
* logical organization
* proper language rules, vocabulary and sentence structure

It's always best to take a clear, decisive position on the cross-examine at hand and be able to support it with apt examples. Stay focused - Don’t repeat yourself or pursue rhetorical dead-ends.

Good luck! Source(s): http://www.universitylanguage.com/guides…

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