Taking the PSAT surrounded by Sophomore year?

What are the advantages/disadvantages to taking the PSAT in your sophomore (10th) grade year? If I score scantily on it, will colleges look on that? I've also heard that it's basically an optional see-where-you-are-in-the-curriculum type of question paper. Can someone please clarify?
You should take it. Its freshly a practice test (the P stands for practice). It will give you an idea of what the authentic one is like. I took it last year as a sophomore because my school required sophomores and junior to take it. It shows you how you would do on the SAT so you can see what you need to work on.
Okay the PSAT is a practice sat necessarily...it is similar to the SAT but is doesn't have the essay portion. This is to help you see what the SAT is like.I took it surrounded by the 9th and 10th grade and it will show you what kind of stuff is on there. Colleges ssont really look at them because its a pratice....you don't distribute you PSAT scores in...just your SAT or ACT score in...what you heard was right...its a practice SAT..but you also own a chance to get a scholarship...but its few and far between for people to win it.

hope i helped!

Here's some information Source(s): http://www.collegeboard.com/student/test…
PSAT in Sophomore year does not count. Only one that counts for one taken in Junior year. So take it and it will provide you an idea of what to look for next year and SAT.

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