Can You Help Me Understand My Son's Test Results?

My son just transferred to this school this year. He is considered a new student so have to go through assessment testing.

They sent me home a paper near his results, but I need help to understand them.

The theory test is the Woodcock-Johnson III Diagnostic Reading Battery
My son is 10 years 6 months old
The test is based on title: 5.0

Here are the results:


Passage Comprehension (highlighted)

RAW: 33

GE: 6.8 (highlighted)

EASY: 4.4

DIFF: 10.4

RPI: 95/90

PR: 71 (highlighted)

SS (68% Band): 108 (102-114)

NCE: 61

Those are the scores. I am guessing that the GE is 'grade equivalant' and the the PR is the percentile rank. If he is at the equivalant though of an average 6th grader after 8 months in the 6th status, then how is that the same or better than 71 percent (PR) of the population, and if it is then I contemplate they need to raise the bar a bit and provoke the kids more.

Please any help on these score would be great.
You should go to his university and speak to his guidance counselor./

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