When do Ap score come out??

When do you get your AP score?? Please recount me soon, I'm dying to see what I got.

Answers:    It depends on where you live. I live surrounded by Texas, and we tend to receive the report in the second week of July, while some east coasters said theirs arrived in belated July and some students in California got their reports as impulsive as the 5th of July. Sit tight, be patient. But if you can't be, you can call College board during bureau hours and get your results for $8 today (have a credit card, SSN, and your AP number ready.)
bid 1-888-308-0013

have your AP # ready and a credit card within hand- its $8

worth it though, in my opinion!!

If you can't do that, next they should arrive by mid-july. (according to collegeboard.com)
It all depends on the state. Apparently, New Jersey has already received their score, but we in California are still waiting. Just be patient, and check the messages daily.

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