Justify the inclusion of philosophy of education in teaching programme?

Teachers need to be informed of various teaching philosophies and consider which one or parts of them they agree with. Teachers will develop their own beliefs about teaching -- if they believe education should be for everyone, what needs to be included in the curriculum, etc. This will affect the way they approach learning and treat students. A teacher's written philosophy of education is important to employers who are looking for teachers who share their school's philosophy.
I am interpreting your question to be that you are taking a Philosophy of Education class as a requirement toward a teaching degree and you are wondering why this class is necessary. (I interpreted your question differently from the previous respondent, so I could be off base). At any rate, it is so important to know how and why we approach education the way we do in this country, and how it differs from other cultures. There are still threads of our educational system that can be traced to ancient Greek philosophers. It's fascinating, really. Following the development of our country's educational system sheds some light on why our system is inequitable in various parts of our nation. Our founding fathers were very much at odds over how to address the educational needs of our new country's youth.

I had to take a Phil. and History of Ed. class in grad school and dreaded it. It turned out to be very interesting and made me see a new perspective on how and why we educate our kids the way we do!

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