Is a C a bad grade?

Question:im justa wonderin


C ?


No, I had all C's last semester in college
yeah kinda because it's close to a D
its average. not bad but not great.
Yes, it's average, but that's bad, unless you are really retarded.
Uhm... A 'C' to me is not passing /or/ failing, but just a little bit below average. It makes you think that you can try better and also that you're not completely failing either.
A 'C' means a lot to some people, you know.
no... well a low C can be bad.
C is better than a D or and F.
well i wouldn't set my standards around a C but a few here and there are okay.
Cs are average, but u dont wanna get anything less than a B in college.
Depends on the point of view.

If you're someone who's goal is to pass, then a C is perfect.

If you're someone who's goal is to do the very best they can and go above the average, then a C is pretty bad.
A "B" is an average a C is usually considered unacceptable. In my private school a C is considered a fail and you will be kicked out. Sorry to burst your bubble.
A "C" means average work - it's not a bad grade in that you're not failing, but it doesn't mean you went above and beyond to to earn a B or an A.

Don't be ashamed of a C - our President earned C's in high school and college :)

^ is right in that different schools have different standards for what is considered acceptable. In most public schools and colleges a C is just fine. You can get into a state college with a C average. For private schools, and graduate schools a C is unacceptable.
if you got a C in a math class, then it's an average grade. I hate math.
It depends, if you did your best and got a C, then it's good. If you think you could have done better, it's not so good. C's are average, so it's pretty much in the middle.
mixedgirl : a C is also as close to B as much as it is close to a D
i would say a C is an average mark and its up to u to set up standards and goals for urself. if u are aiming high a C is a bad mark but if al u are concerned wit is passing the subject or whatever a C is a good mark
f= failing(not passing)
D= needs improvement (not passing in some cases)
C=Average (passing)
B=good (passing)
A= Excelent

c is averge of the grade

it matters to some schools to get into them the dont accept them
but they arent really bad

its really your whole preference as to what you think

but as long as your passing

is that bad?
i dont think so
so i think its fine to have a C
No you passed that is GREAT!
I think it depends if the class it organic chemistry or some other really tough class then consider yourslef lucky and smart!
If you wanna get into a good high school and future, C is a bad grade. If you want to be a athlete, C is very exceptional.
In elementary school one C will not ruin your life. But in highschool it will pull you back and in University it is unaccptable. Don't worry, the past is the past. Juat focus on the future and you'll be fine :)
Not if you worked hard at it and not if you're a nervous type of test taker. Tests are easy for me but, I don't retain anything because I usually don't study and still get B's and A's. Don't ask me anything a week later though.
A "C" means your average. If you're happy being average, then it's not a bad grade.
Well, C is an average grade. But it just depends on what you think of as a bad grade. Say, if you normally get A's and B's it's a little bit bad, but if you normally get D's or F's, then it's good! Don't "beat yourself up" over a C, just study a bit harder. :)

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