How do i become an english professor?

1. Earn a B.A. (preferably in English) from a solid university.
2. Make sure you intensely study TWO foreign languages while you are there- you should probably minor in one.
3. Find a university with a doctoral program and apply.
4. Most universities prefer that you earn your M.A. in the location you also earn your PhD, so that is something you should investigate if you plan to get your M.A. at the same university from which you received your B.A.
5. You should also begin considering what area of fiction you want to begin looking for a specialization (generally, British or American lit, but there are many more.)
6. Continue to keep your foreign language comprehension high.
7. Receive your M.A. (approx. 36 hours, 6 of which are thesis) and I recommend focusing 18 of the hours in your area of interest, with the remaining twelve likely being required courses.
8. Go for the PhD (which is when you'll need the foreign languages- you'll see when you get there.)

Obviously, it's not so easy. You'll have nasty COMPS exams, oral thesis defenses, in-fighting among fellow graduates, and lots of debt... and you'll find that getting a job at the university level requires (a) pedigree (b) publication x 10 (c) lots of luck.

Oh, and you should also know, now, whether or not you're interested in creative writing of some sort. Creative writing professors can attain an MFA directly after their BA. Some universities are offering MFA --> PhD for those who wants extra security (getting a job with an MFA is twice as hard.)
Get a doctoral degree in English.
Start by getting yourself a good Bachlor's of Arts degree, then try to get hired at a juco. Study to get your master and doctorate. Sometimes, if you are accepted as a teacher or other employee of a college, you can get tuition reduced or free, before you become a student. Don't forget to get both Shakesphere and Chaucer-I didn't and regret not getting in the English programs sooner.
get an ma and phd in english get a plan of study from ur graduate director, go to university's website

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