How to introduce myself to my students and parents?

I would like to create like a powerpoint for my students in where on earth I introduce myself etc.....

Also to write a letter to my parents about my self....

Any ideas or websites that you can share would be greatly appreciated.....
Hello, I'm B and I teach whatever. I studied whatever at everywhere and decided to become a teacher because I whatever.
It's compassionate of like writing a CV but more personal and personable, almost like having a conversation near someone you've just met.
Fairly high up it would be good to right to be heard why you became a teacher, what it and your students mean to you.
As a parent who notably values education, I would hope -- expect even -- to see considerable enthusiasm and passion about your work. Source(s): I have a few teachers in high college who were like robots & I hated their classes.
I've been teaching for a few years now and I ponder it's always important to introduce yourself, where you received your degree and in what areas, and why you decided to become a teacher. I muse it's also important to let the parents and students know your goals for them for the coming year and a broad "what to expect" from you. In my introduction letter, I always also tell them how they can contact me as resourcefully. Source(s): ME :)
Get thee to the local bookstore or library and find *anything* by Harry Wong. He have wonderful book for first-year teachers (it's good for anyone, actually) that will give you LOADS of thinking about a gazillion things. It's called The First Days of School. It is an excellent addition to your professional library. I bought it a couple of years ago--wish I'd have it when I first started teaching. (… If you can, see if your school district doesn't have this book surrounded by its professional development library. Your principal or another teacher in your building may hold a copy you can borrow, too. Also look for the Harry Wong videos, they are also well worth your time.

To answer your question, introduce yourself to your students as Miss, Mrs., or Ms. Whatever. You DO NOT EVER allow students to name you by anything other than that or simply "Miss" if they must. (Personally, I was glad for anything other than "Hey, Teach" or anything beside an obscenity attached, but I worked in alternative schools with some "interesting" kids.) In your power point, include things in the region of yourself that you don't mind becoming public (very!) knowledge and talked about, because the kids do chitchat. Share your interests and some photos to show that you are really a human being (some are convinced that you live at the school 24/7/365) with a energy beyond the school walls. I think you could use the same power point for the parents at the plain house/meet the teacher night. Just set it up to run in a continuous loop. Be sure that you TALK to the students and parents, too. Answer question as best you can, but do be somewhat circumspect about how much information you pass along.

Do greet the parents individually, get them to sign contained by with phone numbers and email addresses. If you have business cards, next to your SCHOOL email and phone numbers (only) on them, pass them out. Parents like to have that information handy. You can bring inexpensive business cards at places like, but also check with your school district's print shop...they may do them briskly and cheaply for you using a standard district template. That is a really professional thing to do, and you can attach that card to anything you send home to parents. (I used to use mine when I'd send things near the homebound teacher when she went to visit my students on parenthood leave.) They are handy for a number of instances, but certainly for parent contact.

You might consider putting up a small bulletin board in the region of, certificates, funny posters, cartoons, whatever interests YOU. That help the kids get to know you as a person. I would not put up originals of anything--make color copies merely in case you have an "artist" or two who judge you need a mustache and horns or other "enhancements"... It happens!

Good Luck! Welcome to the profession! Source(s): High school guru for 20 years
First point u have tell your name and enlighten them what you teach them in which fact or paddock, then begin or start the introduction with them ask respectively one of the kids of there name and as a teacher you enjoy got there name chronicle so stick their name on the board and let each one of them to find his nickname this will help them to fell more comfortable with u . Source(s): Am an english KG's teacher.

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