What State is hiring Elementary School Teachers?

My husband was laid off in Calfiornia and we are feeling like to move somewhere else. We've looked online, but haven't been able to see a State that is hiring. Help!
yeah just find a place you wanna go to and that city might be hiring. That sucks almost California. Try Nevada b/c I keep hearing teachers buying houses out here b/c the land's so cheap.

But you know you better come with it though b/c some places won't hire you based on "they dont' know you" which I'm experiencing.
All states are "hiring" elementary teacher. But, there are three applicants for every job opening.

But, nearby may still be freezes or a bigger oversupply of teachers in some localities.

Having some specific skill increases your chance of going to front of dash, such as music, math, science, foreign language skills. Can you take any classes to gain these skills?

You may have to check out other institution districts in California, there are several hundred. The rural areas often hold more shortages, than in urban areas.

Urban areas pay more salary and benefits, usually, due to union influences.

There are websites where teachers can move about to place their resume, and be found by those looking for teachers, do a websearch for one in the state you want to re-locate.

But, best way to go and get hired, is visit each school one-sidedly, and ask to talk to principal, face-to-face. Leave a copy of your resume.
Because there are always teacher resigning, dying, retiring, or getting pregnant, and immediate replacements are required.

The person standing first in queue, often is hired.
Good luck.
I would try Florida. Some elementary schools are: Bayshore, Oak Hammock, White City, Manatee,and Port St.Lucie. Hope it helps!
Its A Nice City
They Are Needing Alot In Elementary
A Few In Middle
Some in Hight School
And Just Like 2 within College

And They Like New Ideas =)
not mine :(

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