The pros and cons of students have laptops contained by class?

What's your opinion for high school students have laptops in class?
I am a teacher and I have no problem near laptops in class. Many students find they take better notes next to a laptop than with a pen. Plus the real world uses computers and access to information so why should the learning process exclude this legitimate world fact?

The high school I go to was the first in the country to get rid of adjectives textbooks and go all digital. Every student is issued a Mac laptop that they use as long as they are enrol. They use them in class and are free to take them home or wherever else they stipulation. The results have been spectacular.

Don't fear what your students will want to instinctively do. Embrace it and figure out a way to utilize it to your (and their) advantage.
As a high university student, who has a laptop, I can say having laptops contained by class can be very helpful. For example if an essay is being issued a student can type it right after and there, without having to quit his seat. Then take it home and continue typing the essay, so surrounded by that perspective laptops can increase productivity. Now if you do have wifi there will be the occasional student who plays games on it, however that can be fixed if you warn them and patrol the classroom. All contained by all having laptops in institution is a great thing, and in my eyes a leap forward for high academy education.
I don't think students should be allowed to bring their personal laptops to school; as a lecturer I hesitated about bringing my own laptop in. Laptops are a great mechanical resource that can be utilized in many ways to assist student learning and professor planning. However, if laptops are needed to present lessons or for students to complete work, most schools have laptop cart and students can use a school laptop for this purpose.

The Pros of classroom laptops: Assists teachers and students in fulfilling the curriculum, standards, developing curriculum and completing the assigned work.

The Cons: Signal problems that are time consuming and take up valuable class time
Risk of theft of personal equipment
Risk of spoil (if the laptop falls,ETC.)

I was using a school laptop last year, when a disruptive student threw a book at me. It hit the laptop, knock it down to the floor. The entire screen was damaged and have to be replaced.

Again, the benefits outweigh the negatives. However, I would definitely use school laptops. This also give the teacher the advantage when and how the laptops should be used.

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