What are the lyrics to this song? Once upon a time on a Halloween Night, its a counting creatures song.?

What are the lyrics to this song? Once upon a time on a Halloween Night, its a counting creatures song.
The song i know so far has these lyrics:

Once upon a time on a Halloween Night
I opened up my door, and OH what a fright!
I Saw:

~One big Ghoul, looking for a school~
~Two Goblins, playing violins~

He/they said" Trick-or-treat" I give him/them something sweet,
and then he/they went walking down the street

Thanks for any relieve, this song was from when i was surrounded by kindergarden, and i cant remember the lyrics. There are 10 things in all, i believe, or perchance 9.

Thanks again

Answers:    Never heard this song myself, but I found the lyrics.

FYI - I also found that there's an illustrated book near the song/poem; it's called Counting Creatures by Lori Fraesdorf Peth and Rosanna Gallagher

Once upon a time one Halloween night,
I open up my door and oh, what a sight!
I saw ...

Ten mummies, eating yummies,
Nine white ghost, flying from the coast,
Eight brown owls, making ugly scowls,
Seven bat, wearing funny hats,
Six vampires, singing in choirs,
Five witches, scratch itches,
Four pumpkins, smiling with big grins,
Three black cats, clawing at the bats,
Two goblin, playing violins,
One big ghoul, looking for a school.

They said, "Trick or treat."
I gave them something sweet,
And later they went walking down the street.

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