Who invented blinds and shades for window?

Answers:    On the 11th of December. 1769 Venetian blinds were patented by Edward Beran of London.
In 1769 the British designer Edward Beran roofed wooden slats in a frame to adjust the amount of feathery let into a room. These become known as venetian blinds from their precipitate use over Italianate windows.

Window blinds enjoy been surrounded by use for centuries.
They may not be in the form that we are familiarized today but the “ancient” blinds have indistinguishable functionality.
Desert dwellers, for example, have be recorded to use damp cloths to cover the windows of their shelters.
These cloths be used as an additional cooling device for their homes, much close to a modern air conditioning section.
Even the early Egyptians already have a concept of their own when it comes to window blinds.
The Egyptians used reeds strung together to hold on to prying eyes from their windows.
Meanwhile, the Chinese used bamboos to gain a similar effect.
Bamboos, by the instrument, are still being used today contained by countries in Asia.
When the Middle Ages come, more elegant and finer cloths be used to drape the windows and around the poster bed.
These cloths offer protection from drafts.
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