Which country does a onion come from?

Answers:    Because onions are small and their tissues leave little or no trace, within is no conclusive opinion roughly the exact location and time of their birth. Many archaeologists, botanists and food historians believe onions originated surrounded by central Asia. Other research suggests that onions be first grown in Iran and West Pakistan.
"What country does a onion come from?"

Whichever country it is grown contained by. I'm not being unkind, just answering the grill you asked.
Dunno. Either France or Spain.
Onions were first found contained by Asia. They have be grown in Egypt for over 5000 years, 2000 years contained by Italy and even more widely in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Onions grew contained by Chinese gardens as early as 5000 years ago and they are referenced surrounded by some of the oldest Vedic writings from India. In Egypt, onions can be traced back to 3500 B.C. There is evidence that the Sumerians be growing onions as early as 2500 B.C. One Sumerian essay dated to about 2500 B.C. tell of someone plowing over the city governor's onion patch.

In Egypt, onions were in fact an object of worship. The onion symbolized eternity to the Egyptians who buried onions along beside their Pharaohs. The Egyptians saw eternal life contained by the anatomy of the onion because of its circle-within-a-circle structure.
I'm going to say, where on earth the languages and adjectives civilizations came from. Saudi Arabia? Egypt? I want to be snarky and read out "the garden of eden" but that doesn't help. Wild onion formerly the domesticated onion. India region, closer to the mountains. Nepal?

Nepal, final answer.
Onions were used by cavemen. And answering where on earth onions came from as abundant answers. Asia, Egypt, etc.

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