When was the term "boobs" invented and by who? (As in breasts) lol?

I hate the term 'boobs' for breasts. the word breast is far more sensual. Anyway I don't recall hearing the slang term 'boob' until the early 1970's when suddenly it was in use all over. At the same time or a little earlier we got the awful word 'loo' for toilet. I think the word originated in the London fashion industry when the 'boob tube' garment was introduced.
I thinkn it was invented by us guys, WHEN?? A long time ago, lol lol! I would think it would have to be by a guy lol lol!!
not sure who or when, but it seems that guys who are attracted to that sort of thing turn into "boobs" (in the sense of idiots) when they think about nothing else..
This term came from Harvey Boobola, an eastern European immigrant who wanted to be eponymously immortalized with something pleasant.

Mr. Boobola was reputed to be quite the connoisseur of female mammaries. He named his two children Gazongas and Water Balloons. Sadly, he was smothered to death (I won't go into the details) in 2004.
by someone chick who thought she had something going on

[and maybe she did]
by some morons
When you look down upon your body my dear, what do you see? Or perhaps what don't you see. Boobs is terrible slang, definitely not fit for someone of you caliber. If there is anything that protrudes from you chest area, I think "breasts" may be more appropriate for you. Me thinks???
slang is slang is slang. it probly just caught on.

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