Exactly how many 21's can a deck of cards make and what are the combos?

Question:I'm trying to use up an entire deck where all the cards have been placed in a pile that equals up to 21 without a single card left out, is it even possible?

It is impossible.

The numeric value of the cards Ace(1) to King (10) in each suit is 85. Times 4 for the four suits gives 340. This is not exactly divisible by 21 therefore you cannot have piles of 21 without cards over.

If Ace counts as 11 then the total numeric values would be 350 (1 ace as 11) or 360 (2), 370 (3) or 380 (all four aces). None of these are exactly divisible by 21 either, so it doesn't matter how you count the Ace.
Are you talking about blackjack? No.
You want a number of piles with cards equalling 21 pts.
Does your ace count as one or eleven?
I have no idea. Did someone tell you it could be done? Post the question with the value of the ace given, and if its theoretically possible.

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