What is the difference of a gangster and a wangster?

Wangster = Wannabe Gangster, a poser.
well, a gangster is a real thug while a wangster is a wannabe...in other words fake, pretends to be a gangster
one is a knockoff of the other. ganster is a gangster an wankster is a wanna be ganster calls himself a ganster but has no real gangster qualities, such as the real gangster
a gangsta is hardcore sagging pants and has probobly shot someone but a wangster is a white gangsta wannabe.
Depends on the spelling. Urban Dictionary definitions:


A sociopathic member of the inner-city underclass, known primarily for being antisocial and uneducated. Also known for ready access to illegal drugs and weapons, and staggeringly poor marksmanship.


There are two types of "gangster":

1) A wannabe thug, often illiterate and an inhabitant of a downtrodden ghetto that hangs around in "gangs"; largely associated with the African-American subculture. These try-hard wanna be "gangstas" attempt to make themselves appear like real criminals by graffiting buildings, smoking/selling drugs and trying to looking all "bad-* and macho an'-**, yo". An utter degradation of what true gangsters represent (see below), and street wannabe "gangsta"-types don't hold a candle to what real gangsters are.

2) The *real* gangsters are those behind organised crime; most notably the Mafia. Responsible for blackmarket trade, epsionage, organised beatings/assassinations, etc. "The Godfather" portrays the archtype of true gangsters, showing the brutality of mob beatings, shootings, running rackets and abusing woman, alcohol and everything in between. The real gansters are *not* to be confused with the aforementioned definition, commonly used as it might be.

Wangsta (seven definitions)

1.Wannabe gangster, some people think the phrase is linked with wanksta which is not a word. It is also a rap by the famous 50 cent.

2. wannabe gangsta

3. A person who tries to act like a gangster or "gangsta" but is really white. Similar to a wigger, but slightly less offensive.

4. A "Wangsta" is a person of any race who is trying to be what they are not. A "Wangsta" says they did something that everyone knows they didn't do or represents something they are not.

5. Is somebody that is trying to pose as a gansta, but has never did any type of gansta things, such as beat somebody up, kill somebody, sell drugs on the block, and shooting guns.

6. wangsta
a wanna be

7. wangsta
Some dawg that be reppin the white rich burbs an thinks he's the **. Usually talks big bout his whips, bitches and chronkic, but is lame.

There are three pages of definitions given for this spelling. I'll let you look them up at this link:


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