Who is tuana de asbate?

Question:This is on a coin--Estados Unidos Mexicanos--$1000--looks to be brass--Has an eagle like bird on one side. Wondering about the true value in US money. A man's bust is on the other side.

turns out it actually says juana de asbaje...she was some kind of femininist nun in the 1600
theres a lot of info on her if u look her up on yahoo or check out this link
You have a $1000 pesos coin from Mexico, struck from 1988 to 1992 and listed under the Standard Catalog of World Coins as KM#536. It's made of an alloy of aluminium and bronze, and depicts Sor Juana(also known as Juana de Asbaje) who was a nun and scholar in the 17th century, while the coat-of-arms of Mexico is featured on the other side. The coin has a minimum collector value of US$2.25 in uncirculated condition, down to $1.25 in grade nice circulated with sharp details and luster, and $0.85 in average circulated condition. This $1000 pesos is an obsolete coin and not at par with the current Mexican money. In 1993, Mexico revalued its Peso, introduced the Nuevo Peso, and removed the last two zeros from all its old peso currency.

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