When did records first come out?

It depends on what you mean by "records" . Records as in record albums ? They came out in flat circular disk form back just before or at the turn of the 20th century (late 1800s to1900 era). Before that they were tubular -- invented by THOMAS A. EDISON -- I live in the town where he WINTERED ( SW FLA) ! Record albums were originally in the form of what are called 78s -- smaller than LPs & bigger than 45s . The 78s were also very thick ! I had some & like an idiot I gave them away !
Go on your search engine and enter: record albums, or invention of the record album, etc. Good luck!
I think you'll find your best answers there -- also try: WIKIPEDIA (it's an excellent site) !
But if you mean records as in History records or the recording of events, well that goes back to b4 the Egyptians, I believe the Phenitians (sp?) . And even the Caveman left "records" on cave walls ! Aunt Barbie
After Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.
Afater the cylinder type and before the CD type.
1877 Thomas Edison is experimenting with a new telegraph devise when he accidentally runs indented tin foil under a stylus. The resulting speech like noise encourages him to develop an instrument that can both record and reproduce sound. By the end of the year Edison has produced the first working phonograph able to 'store' and playback sound.

1897 Shellac discs , made from the Lac beetle, replace vulcanite as the playback medium.

1902 "Red Seal" 10-inch discs with 4-minute play time are introduced by the Gramophone Co,

1904 The first double-sided discs became available to the public.

1940s The first DJs emerge as entertainers for troops overseas

1948 Columbia introduces the first 12-inch 33-1/3 rpm microgroove LP vinylite record with 23-minute play-time per side it also has a special turntable to play them on made by Philco

1949 RCA Victor introduce the 7-inch 45 rpm micro-groove vinyl single and compatible turn table.

It depends on what you mean "records" In the year 1661 sir Halberyt Decaferoy made a disk out of metal w/ indents and raised "pits"similar to a music box, he turned it by hand in a crude box with funneled tubing connected to a horn shaped object,thus creating the worlds first phonograph.cruising the streets of London with his monkey it was used in his act. One day a man saw the show, by now he had the monkey trained to turn the handle on the box and the man gave him $5 for the box. He filed a patent and is listed as the inventor of the "Stillman's organ box".Which incidently held the first record.
records of life?music?or anything.
i think in 1066 when the doomsday book was written i think that is the first known record
A gramophone record (also phonograph record, or simply record) is an analogue sound recording medium consisting of a flat disc with an inscribed modulated spiral groove starting near the periphery and ending near the center of the disc. Gramophone records were the primary medium used for commercial music reproduction for most of the 20th century. They replaced the phonograph cylinder as the most popular recording medium in the 1900s, and although they were supplanted in popularity in the late 1980s by digital media, they continue to be manufactured and sold as of 2007. Gramophone records remain the medium of choice for many audiophiles and music aficionados, especially in the electronica genre.

The terms LP record (LP, 33, or 33-1/3 rpm record), EP, 16-2/3 rpm record (16), 45 rpm record (45), and 78 rpm record (78) each refer to specific types of gramophone records. Except for the LP and EP (which are contractions of Long Play and Extended Play respectively), these type designations refer to their rotational speeds in revolutions per minute (RPM). LPs, 45s, and 16s are usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and hence may be referred to as vinyl records or simply vinyl.
I have one date 1902.

But they were using cylinders into the 1920s.

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