How did the term "lunatic" come to be linked with insanity?

Question:I understand there's a link to the moon involved but not sure why that is.


The word is borrowed from Latin "lunaticus", which gains its stem from "luna" for moon, which denotes the traditional link made in folklore between madness and the phases of the moon. This probably refers to the symptoms of cyclic mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or cyclothymia, the symptoms of which may also go through phases. As yet there is little evidence for any causal link between phases of the moon and the progression of mood disorder symptoms.
Luna for moon, hence lunacy. The moon was and may still be attributed with the power of affecting the mind.
The short form is that it was once believed that many maladies (including insanity) were linked to various astral bodies. The Moon's malady was insanity. Luna=Moon, hence the term "Lunatic"
There was a mith that the moon had influce on the crazy people. Still in our days that mith persist on some subcultures. And your answer... lunatic is the people affected by the moon. Remember the werewolf on the full moon.
Dont worry... thats not true... Im lunatic at any time of the year.
In 1300 the word was lunatyke, and it was borrowed from Old French `insane.' It came from Latin lunaticus `moon-struck,' from luna `moon.' This term arose becaues it was thought that recurring attacks of madness were caused by phases of the moon. That idea was later discounted, but it is gaining some credence again today.
In brief, from the belief that the moon ("luna" in Latin) affected one's state of mind.
Because people think that when the moon(lunar) changes thats when all the idiots come out. They turn to lunatics from the change in the mood
The word "lune" is linked to the moon. The term "lunatic" is linked to the change of the moon which affects the brain.

Insanity goes with sleeplessness at moon time (lune-time)
"lunatic" is therefore "insanity"

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