What is the 7 miracle place in the world?

If you meant 7 ancient wonders of the world they are:
Listed chronologically

A gigantic stone structure near the ancient city of Memphis, serving as a tomb for the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu
The Great Pyramid of Giza

A palace with legendary gardens built on the banks of the Euphrates river by King Nebuchadnezzar II
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

An enormous statue of the Greek father of gods, carved by the great sculptor Pheidias
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

A beautiful temple in Asia Minor erected in honor of the Greek goddess of hunting and wild nature
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

A fascinating tomb constructed for King Maussollos, Persian satrap of Caria
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

A colossus of Helios the sun-god, erected by the Greeks near the harbor of a Mediterranean Island
The Colossus of Rhodes

A lighthouse built by the Ptolemies on the island of Pharos off the coast of their capital city
The Lighthouse of Alexandria

NOTE: You might find it interesting to know that 7 modern wonders of the world are currently being picked learn more at the link below.(You can even vote to help select the new modern wonders)!
do you mean wonders of the world?
Ancient wonders
The Great Pyramid of Giza
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
The Pharos of Alexandria (The Lighthouse of Alexandria)

Seven Wonders of the World
The Pyramids of Egypt
The Taj Mahal, India
The Great Wall of China
The Eiffel Tower
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Statue of Liberty
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
please give more information to your question, Thanks
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