Glo lottery own i won?

Glo lottery have i won?
i got a txt message on my phone saying that i be a selected winner the message the "*" mean a code that i have to e-mail ok the txt message said:- You have won $400.000.00 in the 2009 Glo mbil draw with Ref:***/*********. Email to glo.results(a) for confirmation and pocket money. So i email the person and the Email said:-

Dear winner,

We deeply congratulate you once again for victorious the Glo Mobile Lottery.All participants Mobile numbers in this lottery program were select randomly through a computer ballot system, drawn from 85.000.000 individual mobile phone numbers from all registered networks around the world.Your Mobile number was picked by the automated computer ballot system, which be programed for this random selection..This random inspection has eventually qualified you for this years Annual Glo Mobile lottery Winning.

This promotional pro-gramme takes place annually,and is being promoted and sponsored by lofty personalities like,Chaleo Yoovidhya,Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi,Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc.With the support of other corporate companies and organizations to ignite the use of Moblie phones and computers systems worldwide.Attached to these email is a winners application form which you are required to fill and return back to us by scan with a copy of your government issued identity,to enable us identify you properly as the concrete winner and commence with the processing of your unbeaten prize fund.

Your Mobile number was attached in the B category which qualified your winning balloting orb numbers and fall in our Asian regional center in Bangkok Thailand.The prize fund is temporally deposited next to our correspondent bank in Thailand for payout to the category B winners.For further informations

Email : sirichaisaichon(a)

Tel : +66836730588

Please endavour to come forward on the dot to enable the bank make the verbs before the last date for the remittance of this prize fund to the lucky winners.

Should you hold any further information please contact me for proper directions.

Best Regards
Mr Sirichai Saichon
Glo Lottery office Thailand


I believe it might be true cause I've never hear of a spam txt on a phone before i done research on the trellis to see if it were true but I've only seen email spam so i curious enjoy i won?
nope. sorry. its spam
No. It's spam. A lottery is something you enter by choice.

Also, I've notice it says you have to scan a copy of your government idenitification, i.e. a passport. They probably want to clone your details for fraud.
If you send off this application (which will no doubt hold personal details) and a copy of your identification, they can steal your identity and cause you a world of pain. They can hold out loans in your name and leave you surrounded by a lot of trouble.

You say that you did some research and it mentions email spam? Well, you eventually got an email didn't you? I pray to god that you haven't done anything further.

This is a scam and you will not receive money. You don't bring back enter into any lottery without being asked, and usually you have to clear something to enter. The email itself is so poorly written it screams spam!

Delete it immediately.

EDIT: You can try ringing the police and ask if its reportable. There might not be anything they can do about it.

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