What is the correct spelling of the slang word - "y'all" or "ya'll"?

y'all, sort slang contraction of you-all.I know this as I am very well read, and dang it all, taught English/Literature/Writing/etc
I do believe since it is short for "you all" the correct spelling would be "y'all"
that would be y'all -- shortened from you all. it's not a normal abbreviation however, because typically you drop the beginning of the 2nd word, where here you drop the end of the 1st. i guess that's what makes it slang...?
Y'all is correct, because it is a contraction of the words you all. The second spelling wouldn't make any sense, because nothing is left out of the word all.
y'all=you all(bingo.)
ya'll=ya will??(<<<incorrect whatsoever)
Y'all is a contraction, and stands for 'you all'. It frequently turns up in southern speech, as they have a sort of drawl and elision in their speech.
Y'all is the proper singular term. All y'all is plural.
^coming from a texan
ok ya know what? I am a normal teen kid and we spell it "ya'll" but most adults are saying it is spelt y'all. I really think that y'all doesn't look right so i am saying that it is ya'll but you'll have to ask someone like a teacher or someone. Have fun "ya'll"! =D
I'mma have to say the correct spelling is ya'll, I'm from New Orleans and I text this word like everyday, I say this everyday...so again I'mma have to say it's "ya'll"... I see that everyone here is being all technical and stuff, but it is a slang word, it's not suppose to make since... But y'all is proper, but supposely idiots spell it like "ya'll" so I guess I'm a idiot...NOT...but it depends on how you feel, it's all up to you how you want to spell it...
you all - y'all
It is perculiar to the southern states of the USA.

It will depend on how you pronounce it which depends on where you live.

Y'all is pronounced as in "Yuh all" come back now , here. (Everyone else trying to sound like they are from the deep south)

Ya'll is pronounced as in "yall" come back now, here. (Someone who lives in the deep south saying it.)

It is a contraction of "ya all" not "you all"

are not = aren't
ya all = ya'll

Ciao, ya'll.

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