What is the meaning of the word consort?

Consort can mean a few different things...

A husband or wife, especially the spouse of a monarch.
A companion or partner.
A ship accompanying another in travel.
Partnership; association: governed in consort with her advisers.
A group; a company: a consort of fellow diplomats.
An instrumental ensemble.
An ensemble using instruments of the same family.
intransitive verb [kən sáwrt] (past and past participle con·sort·ed, present participle con·sort·ing, 3rd person present singular con·sorts)
associate with undesirable: to associate with or spend time in the company of somebody undesirable (formal)
consorting with known criminals

noun [kón sàwrt] (plural con·sorts)
1. Con·sort (plural Con·sorts) spouse of monarch: the husband or wife of a reigning monarch
2. partner: a partner or companion (formal)
3. ship that escorts another: a ship that accompanies another on a journey
4. group specializing in early music: a small group of musicians specializing in works of the baroque or an earlier period

[15th century. Via French < Latin consort- "having the same fate" < sors "fortune"]

in consort with in association or together with others (archaic or formal)
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Conspire or plan collectively.
Consort 1 noun |ˈkänˌsôrt| a wife, husband, or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch. • a ship sailing in company with another. verb |kənˈsôrt; ˈkänˌsôrt| [ intrans. ] ( consort with) habitually associate with (someone), typically with the disapproval of others : you chose to consort with the enemy. • ( consort with/to) archaic agree or be in harmony with. ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting a companion or colleague): via French from Latin consors ‘sharing, partner,’ from con- ‘together with’ + sors, sort- ‘lot, destiny.’ The verb senses are probably influenced by similar senses (now obsolete) of the verb sort.consort 2 |ˈkänˌsôrt| noun a small group of musicians performing together, typically playing instrumental music of the Renaissance period : a consort of viols. ORIGIN late 16th cent.: earlier form of concert .

consort noun the queen and her consort partner, life partner, companion, mate; spouse, husband, wife, helpmate. verb he consorted with other women associate, keep company, mix, go around, spend time, socialize, fraternize, have dealings; informal run around, hang around/out, be thick.
if you were consorting with criminals, you would be preparing to do a crime as they do...and therefore taking on their airs
Meaning of consort (verb)
forms: consorted; consorted; consorting
definition: associate with
I saw the term on an 1800's tombstone in an old cemetery. when I looked into the meaning in this context, I learned that a consort relates to a woman and it means that her husband survived her.

Hope this helps!

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