Is it "said my piece" or "said my peace"?

Question:Please if you answer show me a website or something that backs it up. Because if you google it, both ways show up.

Garner's A Dictionary of Modern American Usage reports this widespread reanalysis, as well as the less common "piece of mind"; MWDEU notes various "confusions" of peace and piece, even going so far as to employ the verb "botch" in this connection. But say one's peace is now so common among younger speakers (who are baffled by the claim that the original noun was piece) that it begins to rival have another thing (for original think) coming as a newly dominant variant."
it can be either but i would say it would be most likely "piece"
It is "said my piece".
i always thought it was "peace" since ur tellin someone ur feelings and thoughts... u know, ive never thought about it until u asked. now imma check out the correct way. LOL
It is "said my piece." "Piece" here means my opinion or what was bothering me or my position on an issue, and so forth. I don't have a source [except my life], but there is no doubt that "piece" is the correct saying. I imagine it showing up as both on Google is just another example of some getting it wrong. Or, maybe, one's "piece" was about peace or there being a peaceful solution to the issue . . . something like that.

Try this: Google is both ways individually and see which one gets more hits. I bet that "piece" beats "peace" at least 10 to one, if not 100 to 1.

Hope this helps.
I'd have to say it is "piece"...if you replace piece (which is a part of a whole) with the word part, that seems like a plausible replacement.
I heard it as 'Peace"
I'm going against everyone on this one. In a wedding ceremony, the minister say "speak now or forever hold your peace". This is the same thing. Yes, the phrase refers to speaking your opinion but not a piece of your thoughts, your entire thoughts, until you are at peace with the situation.

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