Which is correct - "master of ceremony" or "master of ceremonies"? What is the plural form?

If a lady is the host of the program, do we still refer to her as the master of cermony/ies? How nearly if the hosts are a lady and a chap?

Answers:    as weird as it sounds something tell me ceremony.
you can just read out MC or Hostess for the evening. Hosts Host hostess, its easy and a litle more classy.
If at hand are 2 hosts, I think it's Masters of Ceremony. It's not the ceremony that's plural.
economically if there are two events up its called "the master of ceremonies". if its newly one then its "the master of ceremony".
Master of ceremony is correct. If you need to generate it plural, masters of ceremonies is correct.
I've never encounter your hypothetical situation: but I would say "Master of Ceremonies" or "Masters of Ceremony."
if they're one and only doing this 1 . then they are the masters of the ceremony If any or have done one b4 and r 2gether after they are the masters of ceremonies
One personage is a Master of Ceremonies (That is what MC stands for - even if only one ceremony) the plural, i.e. more than one host, regardless of sexual category, is Masters of Ceremonies.
the more usual form is "master of ceremonies"

if there's more than one MC, they are "masters of ceremonies"

the female form is in actuality "mistress of ceremonies" (!)

if there's one male and one womanly it's "masters of ceremonies" or "master and mistress of ceremonies"

usually shortened to "MCs" to make things dance quicker ;-)
If there is more than one ceremony it is
"Master of ceremonIES"

If in that is more than one (emcee) it is
"Masters of Ceremonies"

If the emcee is a woman, it is
"Mistress of Ceremonies"

mis·tress of cer·e·mo·nies: noun
A woman managing event: a woman in charge of the proceedings at an event or entertainment

If it is a man and a woman, they would be introduced close to this: " Ladies and gentlemen, here is your Master and Mistress of Ceremonies.."
CORRECT is "Master of CeremonIES". This 'person' is the one who administers (for nouns of a better term) the PROGRAM / AGENDA! USUALLY, there are a quantity of 'speakers' at any 'CEREMONY', and EACH of the 'speakers' is "Introduced"... by the 'Master of Ceremonies'...

PLURAL : ?? If you have more than ONE "M.C.", it would be MasterS of ... The singular thing I can contemplate of like explicitly with some of the 'AWARD' shows, where on earth they actually own "Co-Hosts"! (NO-ONE can 'help' what 'BROADWAY', or 'HOLLYWOOD' does... Isn't there a 'Program call 'Planet Hollywood'?)

Think of it this way...

Think around any 'CEREMONY' that you plan to attend! For example, Graduation from High-School is ONE CEREMONY! There are usually a LOT of things that HAPPEN... (And, these are probably NOT in the correct ORDER!) The Class march IN. The Principal (I'm more worried about how to spell THAT word) say a few words. I don't KNOW anymore, but there USED to be a "Holy Man' (so I don't cause offence anyone) who offers a 'Blessing' on the Class! The School Band usually get a chance to 'perform! There is a 'Speech' by the 'Salutatorian'(sp?), and the 'Valedictorian'! And, Usually, at hand is some "Prominent" person - some Dignitary - who give a 'motivational / congratulatory' speech/ message! Toward the END of "THE Ceremony", the Principal, with some serve, passes out the Diplomas, as the Graduates put your foot across the stage! I know there is some more "talk", but I don't remember who does the 'talking', and THEN, the kids throw their 'past-boards' up contained by the air! (And afterwards, they try to find at least ONE, so they can return the outfit they rented, short having to wage for missing parts!)

ALL of THAT, falls under ONE 'ceremony', and lower than ONE M.C.!

It's much the same within the Military - Graduation from 'BOOT-CAMP', or 'AIT', etc! Graduation from COLLEGE, or UNIVERSITY!

Hope this helps!

***** If a female is the host of the program, do we still refer to her as the master of cermony/ies? How about if the hosts are a female and a gentleman?

* If a 'lady' is (YOUR WORDS) "the host", next YES, SHE is the Master of Ceremonies!

* Again, (YOUR WORDS), if you are going to have "the hosts are a woman and a gentleman?"... later you have CO-HOSTS!

If it make it any easier, SOME programs will say: " Your HOST, and MASTER of CEREMONIES..."

Again, I Hope this help!
"Master of ceremonies" is the correct form. I have never see it used in the plural, but I expect the plural would be "Masters of ceremony."

Harleigh Kyson Jr.
Masters of Ceremony.
Mistress of Ceremony.
Host and Hostess.

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