How is 'mexican food' an oxymoron?

I heard it on the movie "Just Married" (starring Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher).

it freshly doesn't make any sense to me.

Answers:    They designed that Mexican food goes straight through you, making you own to go to the bathroom, and they designed that it is like it's not even food b/c it doesn't stay surrounded by you long enough to tender you any nutrients. haha i love that movie!
its not an oxymoron;...
It's not an oxymoron... in reality, Mexican food is very identifiable... much more so than AmeriKan... which is of late a conglomeration of dishes, mostly from foreign countries...

If you want an Oxymoron... try "BRITISH CUISINE"... now THAT is an oxymoron
Whichever part said it was lately stating their personal dislike for it.
No more, and no less.
The occupancy oxymoron means two words that contradict respectively other.

ie: Jumbo Shrimp.

In this case the practical joke is probably that the perosn who said it thinks that Mexican and Food contradict respectively other.
It's a joke. An oxymoron is a self-contradiction. In other words Mexican food is so fruitless, it barely counts as food. Like scrumptious garbage. Get it?
I suppose it process that it is in a sense contradictory - not moderately what it seems.
Technically, it isn't an oxymoron. The entertainer saying it is, must not close to Mexican food, which would mean he/she doesn't consider it to BE food. So they probably designed it to be funny (maybe Mexican food doesn't "agree" with him or something... but again, it's not really an oxymoron.
It is not really an oxmoron. An oxymoron as you know is a rhetorical amount in which incongruous or contradictory lingo are combined, as in a booming silence and a mournful optimist.

The movie is making a joke. Kind of similar to when peopl say military intelligence contained by an oxymoron. They are joking by truism "Mexican" and "food" together are incongruous.

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