Is the word light bulb one or two words? I can't figure out if it is "light bulb" or "lightbulb" !

Question:I am printing up an instruction form for someone in my office and although MS word says lightbulb is two words, I have seen it printed on boxes as one word. I am not certain which one to put?

Originally light bulb was two words, however, since then it has become acceptable to spell it either way. Both versions appear in the unabridged version of the dictionary with the same definition. But if you want to get technical, the original spelling was 2 words.
According to Mirriam-Webster Online, "lightbulb" is one word. MS Word's spell-check isn't always right.
2 words in the south anyway.
According to lightbulb is one word.
According to The Cambridge English Dictionary, it's two words.

light bulb: (noun) a glass object containing a wire which produces light from electricity. (which I believe is based on Random House Unabridged) lists both spellings . Either is correct.
However, it has three entries under light bulb, and only one entry under lightbulb, so perhaps light bulb is preferred.

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