What does it mean, "to have a crush on somebody"?

Having a "crush" on somebody means that you have a strong, often unannounced attraction to them.

A "crush" implies that you are overwhelmed by your emotions for them, or "crushed" by your emotions.

The word "crush" also implies that your attraction to the other person is unrequited, i.e. that the other person doesn't love you back. In that sense, it can also be used to describe the feeling of despair that comes from love that isn't returned (" I was crushed").
A crush is when someone you likes makes you feel all tingly all over when they come near you. You tend to talk silly and feel weak in the knees.
It is when you are very attracted to someone, get all butterfly in your stomach when you see them or think about them, but the difference is that there is not a relationship so to speak yet or them aware of your feelings.
When you like someone and you feel "special" around them...no one makes you feel like that...otherwise known as "puppy love"
to have a crush simply means that you love someone and that the person does not know you love them or may not know you at all. It is most common with young adults, teens and pre-teens.
I agree with what a lot of the other people answered here, but I would add that "crushes" don't last...at least, they don't last very long. Very seldom does your crush end up being the person you will love forever. People have crushes on celebrities and people they've never met. Crushes just, in general, fade over time. Crushes are often innocent...meaning you never meant to act on the feelings. If you truly love someone, you will act on those feelings!!
To run over that person with a steamroller,...Fantastic question,Amarena!
puppy love

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