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Question:Give an example of a superordinate and two of its co-hyponyms, and show with
examples how you can use tests to prove which is the superordinate and that the
co-hyponyms are co-hyponyms.

The study of language meaning - semantics
The word which suits the situation is superordinate and others are co-hyphonyms.
The test should comprises of not only the words meaning but for the situation.*
A suporordinate or hypernym is a word which comprises the meaning of other word or words. That is to say, it is a general word associated to one or more words which have more specific meaning. For example, the word "animal" is the superordinate of dog, cat, parrot, elephant, etc. These last words are at the same time co-hyponyms of "animal". You can do the following test to make sure whether a word is a superordinate or a hyponym of another word:

X is a kind of Y

... when X is an hyponym and Y is a superordinate. So:

DOG is a kind of ANIMAL and

*ANIMAL is a kind of DOG.

The last one is incorrect.

Hope that helps!

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