What is the difference between noun clause and noun phrase?

Answers:    first of all the difference between a clause and a phrase is:

clause is a module of a sentence which has its own subject and purpose.

predicate is that part of a sentence which does not construct a complete sense of its own but either have a subject or a predicate.

noun clause and noun phrase both work as a noun in the sentence.

(note: both of them do not come within a same sentence)
A phrase is a group of closely realted words that function together as a single element, such as subject, verb, adjective, or adverb.
Whereas a clause differs from a phrase contained by that is contains a subject and a predicate.
A predicate is plainly the verb(action word) of the sentence.
A noun clause and a noun phrase both have the function of a noun surrounded by the the sentence, so don't become confused when determining whether a sentence is a either a noun phrase or a noun clause.
Hope this help and deepens your reading!
In the sentence 'I didn't know what I should do', part of 'what I should do' works as a noun approaching his name and it contains a subject and finite verb part, so it is called a noun clause.
In 'I didn't know what to do', division of 'what to do' also works as a noun but it doesn't have the subject and finite verb section, so it is called a noun phrase.

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