Proper spelling of 'never-ending'?

I spelled it in my dissertation as two words, however, my professor marked past its sell-by date points saying it's one word. Spell check say it's either two words or beside a hyphen.
The sentence I'm using it with is:
"The detail seemed endless."
Please help!

Answers:    never finish is the correct way of aphorism it. You could also put the dash within there, but your professor be right. It's not one word.
Looks like your professor be wrong.
your professors wrong, its definately not one word - look at it -Neverending - does that look right? Nope!

I think your right within spelling it never-ending, i would.
There are two proper usages. If you use it as an adjective, you hyphenate, as contained by, "His never-ending speech put us to sleep." The other usage is when you write, "His speech be in hazard of never ending." That's an adverb-gerund form, I suggest. In the case you cite, you're using it is adjectival, so I regard as it's correct.

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