What is planetism?

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From Modernism to Planetism
In 1967 Kenneth Boulding wrote a famous essay called The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth and in 1969 Buckminster Fuller wrote a book entitled Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Both authors drew on the metaphor of the Apollo Mission, and particularly the famous picture taken from Apollo 8 which showed the beautiful, blue and white, fragile Earth against a lifeless moonscape in the foreground. Just after the near disaster of Apollo 13, which was the subject of a recent film, the then Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant used the metaphor of the Apollo Mission that nearly ended in disaster to promote the 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, indicating that the whole planet was indeed in the situation of Apollo 13.

The dominant paradigm of the 20th century has been Modernism. This is so deeply entrenched that we have taken it for granted. Modernism meant the triumph of the western european way over everything else. It crushed cultural diversity through the forces of colonialism, religious evangelism and the power of western science and technology. A component of Modernism has been the concept of progress, which for most of this century has been something which we felt we shouldn't or couldn't stop. As the century proceeded, the attitude accompanying the utterance that "we can't stop progress" changed from unbridled enthusiasm in the 1950s to increasing scepticism, even cynicism and sarcasm, in the 1970s. By the 1980s, we needed to modify Modernism, as its dark side had become too significant to ignore, so we invented Post Modernism, in which we borrowed deconstructed parts of previous eras and built them into the new. We had recognised that some forms of progress involved throwing out babies with bath water. However, most of these additions were superficial, as the functionality did not change. We recognised that modern ideas and Modernism and their basis in western thinking and science and technology, did not hold all the answers. Therefore we began to listen and to learn about the wisdom of indigenous people ,the very people we has been hell bent on crushing, and we borrowed ideas from the East and incorporated them into our Western mandates. In the last decade, we have even tried to create a new synthesis of theology and science - something which would have been inconceivable in the Modernist era PostModernism is the process to reconstruct Modernism into something more appropriate to a globalised tribalised planet, and for creating a new paradigm which will consolidate in the early 21st century. I call the new and coming paradigm Planetism.

Kenneth Boulding introduced the idea that the Earth needed to change from a "cowboy economy to a "spaceship economy " if life on the planet was to survive.Today at the mid point of the 1990s humanity is mid way through a transition between what can be recognised as a disappearing Cowboy Culture and an emerging Spaceship Culture in the 21st century. We now recognise the Cowboy Culture as an unsustainable society and the Spaceship Culture as a sustainable society. The Cowboy and Spaceship Cultures have the following characteristics:.. To read more go here http://www.regional.org.au/au/countrytow...
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