What is the opposite gender of a bachelor?

a spinster
spinster or as some say unortunately old maid
At one time an unmarried woman was called a spinster. Now she is called a bachelor girl.
it depends on the era you are asking the question for. a bachelor is a youth, male who is not married. in older times a spinster was an older woman who was not married and a miss if she was young now adays the term bachelor in relation to a person refers to a male who is about to get married or chooses not to get married because "they like to play the field". therefore the equivalent would be a bachelorette. IE a female who is about to get married or chooses not to get married because "they like to play the field"
The opposite of the word bachelor is spinster.
Well, most have it right, the short answer is "spinster". But where did the name come from? Originally it meant a MAN who spins cordage (wool, flax, other fibres). Later it meant any person who spins, but as women took over the task, the natural change to "spinstress" didn't occur, probably due to the changes in language and language usage. Now it just means an unmarried woman, and is not a description of a skill or occupation.
A bacheloret
it would be both bachelorette and spinster, but those concepts are a bit dated. I would say that a single man or woman would now be called just that---single.

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