Give an example of resilience?

Give an example of resilience in relation to a creature. The example must refer to a life situation.

Thank you

Answers:    Despite failing within almost everything he did the dirt farmer continued to acquire up every day, till his field, fight blight, dust, insects and the sun. Now that's what I name resilience, the ability to bounce subsidise.
I will love you whatever you do. That is resilience.
Her resilience after the break up surprised everyone.
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At later he arose in a all-in manner, as though adjectives the resilience had gone out of his body, and proceeded to close the dogs to the sled.
I am a great example of resilience. In fact, resilience is one of my greatest assets and here's why. In times gone by 16 years, I have gone through a tremendous amount of danger and tragedy. My Mom was stricken next to a rare form of spinal cancer contained by 1992 that left her paralyzed for a year. However, she did swot up to walk again! Unfortunately,My Mom passed away four years following.In 1996, my sister was diagnosed beside ovarian cancer at the way too infantile age of 24.Fortunately,she's still alive. Having two loved ones diagnosed with cancer so close apart brought on another hardship-depression, surrounded by which I had to budge on an antidepressant for about ten years. From 1998-2005, go was pretty honest for me but not great for the most part.. In the fall down of 2005, my psychiatrist persuaded me to stir off my antidepressant.Big mistake!! In May of 2006, I become severely depressed. My depression that time, which lasted for 5 months, be so bad it made me mentally under the weather. I couldn't function at all! However, I found an excellent psychiatrist that put me final on the same antidepressant I be on before. Shortly after I recovered, another danger struck! My Dad had a hip slip which left him incapacitated for two weeks, but he's presently fine and completely recovered. Three months ago, I was diagnosed next to melanoma. However, since it was caught precipitate I'm cured!

As you can see, my family and I enjoy undergone tremendous hardship. I'm with the sole purpose a family of four, and adjectives four of us have have major surgery and serious vigour problems. With the tragic exception of Mom being gone, my dad, sister, and I are adjectives doing very capably. The depression,arthritis that afflicted my Dad, the cancer my sister had, and the skin cancer I have are all history. These be all severe hardship that were undue and devestating. However, I'm now the happiest I've ever be in my natural life! I used to be a bitter person that feel sorry for myself and my family, and I other wanted to trade places beside many other race.I no longer feel that route! I'm now a ecstatic,strong, and positive person appreciation to God, my family, my friends, my excellent support group, the best psychologist and psychiatrist I've ever have, and my meds. I wouldn't trade places with anybody anymore! I, along next to my three immediate relations members, are the watertight example of resilience!
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