If someone says you're "glowing", what do they mean? And, how can they tell you're "glowing"?

Cassie (love that name btw), it means that you look radiant. They can probably tell by your smile, your eyes (does not look tired) and the texture of your skin looks alive, or fresh and over all, you're extremely happy or content.
When people say you're glowing means you look good,happy or excited, and radiant,so is a compliment.
They look exceptionally happy... their eyes are really big and they have really big smiles on their faces
glowing means you are so filled with love that you look very beautiful on the outside.
It's a nice way of saying your sweating. Try wiping your brow and see if people still say "your glowing".
you are either pregnant, or a woman. it's because you are sweating or extremely happy.
Your skin will radiate & your eyes will be sparkling.
You will look healthy.

Happiness will emit from you...
It happens to women at certain times during pregnancy & usually on their wedding day or if in love.
It's a compliment, meaning that you are radiant, look happy, content.
Usually it refers to the blushing that comes with increased blood pressure either during pregnancy or post-coital that some people experience. Sometimes it is also used to refer to the same "rush" associated with heightened cheeriness and a good mood.

With pregnancy the comment may also be evoked by a pheremonal response.
i usually means that you are glowing because you are about to have a baby, or that you are happy about having a baby and it shows in your face. but if you are not having a child then i am not sure what they are talking about
Pigs sweat; men perspire; women glow.

There seems to be an inner shine to your persona or your aura

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