Do I capitalize "science teacher" if I am talking about "my science teacher"?

only if you use a name
No, you do not need to capitalize it. "Science teacher" is not a proper noun.
Absolutely not. Science teacher is not a proper noun.

If you are using it in the title of a paper or dissertation, then you should capitalize it there, but only there.
no not unless you refer to her as Science Teacher. If you are saying .my science teacher said, "Blah..." then no but if you say .Science teacher said, "Blah..." then you should. However if it is a language or other word in front of teacher you only capitalize that word not "teacher". In other words if you are referring to the science teacher as the job not the name such as 'That belongs to my mom.' then do NOT capitalize the phrase. If you are referring to the science teacher as who she/he is such as 'That belongs to Mom.' the DO capitalize the phrase. I hope this helps
never. someone SHOULD smack ur english teacher tho...u should know this by now
no...if you were just saying..."Science Teacher..." then yes but if your saying "My science teacher..." you dont have to

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