How do you spell the plural of DVD?

Question:Is it DVDs or DVD's and why? thanks!

One unusual modern use of the apostrophe is in plural acronyms, like “ICBM’s” “NGO’s” and “CD’s”. Since this pattern violates the rule that apostrophes are not used before an S indicating a plural, many people object to it. It is also perfectly legitimate to write “CDs,” etc. See also “50’s.” But the use of apostrophes with initialisms like “learn your ABC’s and “mind your P’s and Q’s” is now so universal as to be acceptable in almost any context.
pretty sure it's just DVDs. The apostrophe is what does it. It would translate it into "DVD is" - which just doesn't make any sense.
Two dvd
DVDs. The apostrophe is there in place of other letters - for example don't is do not, so the apostrophe is in place of the "o". That make sense?
DVD stands for Digitally Versatile Disc. So, the plural would be digitally versatile discs. The apostrophe in this instance would suggest an ownership, not plural of something, if you're with me? So, they are DVDs, not DVD's.
DVDs - the lower case s shows it is a plural and not just another part of the acronym(?)
remember the incorrect way is DVD's because the ' is replacing the i , so it would meen" Dvd is" showing ownership
It's DVDs. The plural is always indicated with the addition of an "s." If you were to add the apostrophe, as in DVD's, it would imply possession of some sort by the DVD itself.
DVDs. An apostrophe is there for one of two reasons, either to make the word a contraction or possessive. If it was a contraction, it would be shortening "DVD is" to DVD's, as in "the DVD's scratched." If it was possessive, it would indicate ownership--"the DVD's case," for example. Have a nice day!
DVDs for more than one (ex.) My DVDs are awesome and DVD's if they own something (ex.) The DVD's bonus features were spectacular
It should be DVDs. The apostrophe would indicate a possessive.
For example: "The dog scattered DVDs all over the floor and picked up a copy of the musical 'Cats'; then he chewed up the DVD's case and shredded the liner notes. Fido doesn't care for musical theater."
I spell the plural version of DVD like this DVDeez! As in Deez nuts!!

"Hey can I borrow your DVDeez."
"Why don't you borrow deez nuts."
I always put DVD's, but it's just a personal preference. I don't know if it's the "right" way to spell it.

I actually do that with all acronyms, because the "s" at the end doesn't hold the same emphasis as the D,V, and D, which all represent actual words.
It's DVDs. There should be no apostrophe, because DVD's would no longer be a plural, but would become either a contraction for "DVD is" or a possessive indicating some characteristic of the DVD (e.g., the DVD's surface, or the DVD's title).
Digital Video Discs. lol

Plural forming in the English language (with the exception of some irregulars like child - children) is done by adding an 's' or an 'es', but never an apostrophe. So when abbreviated it would be DVDs in the plural.
Apostrophes are used when we make contractions, to represent the letters we remove to make that contraction, for example: do not - don't / we have - we've / he is - he's.

An apostrophe + 's' is also used to show possession, as in "This is Psymon's answer to your question." or "The DVD's case is broken."(The case of the DVD). If we want to make possession of a plural ending in 's', we simply add the apostrophe: "The club has many members, and this is the members' car park."

I hope that explains it for you.

DVD's would make it "DVD is" or something that belongs to the DVD...:)
DVDs. No reason for putting an apostrophe; there's nothing missing and no ownership.
Plurals NEVER take apostrophes

NEVER use an aposthrophe to indicate a plural - it is not just bad form, it is illiterate. Just because a lot of illiterates write DVD's, CD's etc. does not make it right.
Glad you care, so many don't.

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