What are examples of pleasant and unpleasant sounds?

Question:please give me at least five for each..thanks

Fingernails on the black board

A cat hucking up a hairball at 2 in the morning.

A rattling sound from your engine on a lonely stretch of road

The omnious click of a firearm being primed

The distant sound of a cars screeching, then, the crash

(I chose all unpleasant sounds, as there would be little argument about them)
There's an old saying - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means that what is beautiful to one person may not be so to another. And so it is with sounds. Some sounds are very annoying to some people, but are music to the ears of others.
And of course, if you are tone deaf, or stone deaf, that puts a whole new slant on the question.
pleasant: laughing, birds chirping, waves crashing on the beach, wind in the trees, kisses,

unpleasant: burping, throwing up, anything bathroom related, gunshot, rain (sometimes), screaming
Singing is pleasant, screaming is unpleasant.
To clear the throat is pleasant, to belch is unpleasant.
The purr of an engine is pleasant, the honk of a horn is unpleasant.
The padding of baby feet is pleasant, stomping of feet is unpleasant.
Gentle bubbling on the stove is pleasant, the whistle of a tea kettle is unpleasant.
Pleasant ones - some of them;
1- the sound of the peaceful breathing of the one you love sleeping beside you
2-ocean waves breaking into surf
3- the sound of rain when you are warm and cozy inside
4- the sound of laughter of the children, when babies squel in delight
5-the sound of your heart beating when you are crossing the finish line
6- the crackling sound of a bonfire when you are gathered around it with loved ones
7- beautiful music- too many to write here

Unpleasant ones;
1- Any bathroom related sounds
2-the siren of the emergency vehicles
3- someone yelling at me, I despise that person and rarely forgive if it is repeated
4-persistent knocks on the door, someone knocking with a sense of entitlement
5- the chalk/nails screeching on the blackboard

Hope this helps.
unpleasant - slurping food, persistent sniffing, loud snoring, persistent tapping or pen-clicking
rain, breakfast making noises, laughter, frogs croaking, contented sigh.
nails on a chalkboard, filling finger nails, arguing, the 'crack' when a branch falls, glass breaking, the whistling noise people sometimes make when the breath through there nose.

birds chirping
piano playing
soft wind blowing
carnival music
child laughing


nails on chalk board
rubbing two balloons together
Styrofoam scratching together
cracking knuckles
cracking gum
Nails scratching a chalk board
Cats fighting (especially at night)
Static sound when trying to listen to a radio station
A fight between friends
A bad cough

A good song
Birds singing in the morning
A baby laughing
The rustling of leaves when the wind blows
The purring of a cat
pleasant:) rain on the window pane, birds singing in the morning, the sound of the kitchen being worked, silence, the wind blowing the laundry dry. unpleasant:( yelling and screaming, crying, sirens, overloud music
pleasant sound birds singing, children laughing, a water fall or a fountain. crickets, the violin, guitar, piano, waves on the water, leaves rustling a cat purring, rain hitting the roof, horses running, a child's first cry. singing, church bells ringing, humming or whistling a tune.

unpleasant, a dog barking, nails on the chalk board, a ringing phone, children crying, car alarms, vomiting, hacking up phlegm, smacking food or gum, hammering, a skill saw, tapping, pen clicking, gun shot, balloon popping, a police siren, car crash, snoring, Car horn. an annoying get over here whistle.
Pleasant :
1. Sound of the sea waves crashing
2. Sounds of birds
3. Sounds of autumn leaves moving & falling
4. peaceful music (especially the sound of my phone when recieving a new message)
5. Sound of breath of the person u love when talking to you.
6. Heart sounds .. (make me feel alive)
7. Babies laughing

Unpleasant :
1. Car sounds
2. Machiene sounds
3. chweing food .. or gum
4. mouse clicking (makes me nervous)
5. Screaming , shouting and yelling
6. sudden sneezing (scares the crap out of me)
7. Belching or vomiting
It's very subjective. For example: a screaming ambulance would be pleasant if you are the one who needs emergency medical help. But if you are in heavy traffic and have to pull over or stop that would be unpleasant.
PLEASANT - the sound of birds in the morning, the sound of water in a fountain, wind in the trees, children laughing/giggling, the sound of your loved ones heartbeat, singing, most classical music, Rice Krispies, the crunch of a juicy apple, hearing your name called to win a prize and the applause that follows.

UNPLEASANT - the sound of any alarm, or smoke detector, snoring, farting, someone sucking their teeth clean, the sound of a man snorting and then spitting on the ground, obnoxious women having a cat fight, children having tantrums, most sounds made in anger or distress, constant ringing of any phone, persistant tapping.
pleasant: moaning (b/c of passionate love making), baby cooing, cooking sounds of any sort, the sound of a credit card being swiped and approved, and birds chirping in the early morning

unpleasant: farting (any bathroom sounds), horns blasting, a credit card being swiped and not approved, glass shattering, and a fire alarm

of course there are many more pleasant or unpleasant sounds but these were the ones that came to mind...

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