Is there one word to describe 2 letters put together?

Question:Say for instance, you are playing a word game where you have to make smaller words from a nine letter word. (Like on Countdown or something I spose) & you look for 2 letters that go together to make 1 sound, such as CR, ST or PL etc. Is there a word to describe those letters being put together.
Someone told me it was called 'alphaphonics', but I'm not sure & I've wondered about it for a while.

Please help - it's bugging me!

Yes, a blend or a digraph. Blends are fr, br, tr, ck, st, etc., two consonants beginning, initial blend, or ending, final blend, a word. A digraph is two letters combined to create a third sound not made by pronouncing the two letters such as; ch, sh, th, wh, ph, ng, ea, etc.
I was gonna say syllable, but i think you call them conjoined letters!!???
YES Alpha phonics is correct! i found links from both and , and so i copied and pasted , i really hope its some !
Buy a dictionary. It will answer that for you. ps It will also come in handy for other questions of a similar nature. Stop watching TV and start reading books. That way, you won't need to ask such questions. Good luck.
Correct. And the most wonderful for my ears are "cr" (crazy) and "cl" (cloud).

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