What does it mean when someone says you're a tool?

I feel like it is analogous to knob and dork aka p*nis. It doesn't mean that you are literally a p*nis, but it carries the same meaning as those other words.
It means you are an idiot. You are being compared to an inanimate object and don't know when someone is using you.
a tool is used to get some mechanical work done similarly often mean and selfish and heartless people use another human being just like a tool to get what they want.this is called being used like a tool. that person's feelings,desires, innocence is cruelly not considered by that selfish person.
eg. in an office a lady starts an affair with her boss leading him to believe that she is need of love and security.the boss feels deeply for her and uses his power and contacts to give her promotion or a better job.but the lady does not love him or feels for him- she faked deep feelings only to gain the boss' favour and benefit.this means she is using him as a tool to achieve her ambition.

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